Heels Repair

At Heel Express we undertake the repair and stabilization of heels.
Dress the heels with leather or suede or patent leather in a color of your choice.
We are still changing your old or damaged heel. Repair or replacement of shoe soles, partial or total from rubber or leather in a large variety depending on the style of the shoe in time … Express.


Processing and repair of leather goods

In addition, we undertake all work in leather or synthetic items.
Gauze, gluing, painting and very specialized repairs for men and women such as bags, shoes, belts, wallets and much more.

Additional services

In addition, we undertake zipper change in bags, wallets, boots and ankle boots.
Finally, in our space we make openings in length and width, rounding as well as cutting the toe in your shoes.


Specialized work in leather

Refreshing, renewing or changing the color of leather goods. Using the most modern and the most branded materials we provide the maximization of your requirements. Also for difficult cases, trust our experience and our imagination.

Manufacture of handmade shoes

Takouni Express provides you with something new.
Handmade shoes to order.