About skins & covers

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Smooth skins

Painting and care. Smooth leathers are the majority of use for the manufacture of leather goods, shoes, bags, etc. They are soft, have a smooth surface and originate mainly from calves. They are easily painted and their basic care is to stimulate their color and hydration. They are quite durable in time and use. Click on the image to see products related to smooth skins ..

Nubuck skin (oily skin)

Painting and care. Nubuck skin, or oily skin, is made mainly of lamb and the outer side of the skin is used. The treatment that is done is called roughing and they finally give it a velvety feeling. It is a very durable skin and has the property that when water falls on it it darkens. Oily skin has its own unique treatment line. We do not use common cleansers or cleansers. Click on the image to see products related to oily skin.


Painting and care. Suede comes from animals such as lamb, beef and other goats. Their velvety texture is thanks to the roughness to which the inner side of the skin is subjected. This leather is thin and extremely soft with great durability and of course a refined look and texture, with a characteristic that is the pile. Gives a feeling of thick velvet. Click on the image to see products related to suede.

Various skins

In addition to the basic categories above, there are various other leather goods, using a large number of different treatments and techniques. So we have patent leather, artificial leather (leatherette), cordovan leather, nappa leather, etc. In all these peculiarities the answers are specialized. So do not hesitate to contact us and be sure that you will get a sure, thorough and technically correct answer.


We are at your disposal to answer you and guide you to any question you have, such as dyes, cleansers, skin treatments and anything else you wish.